Start Investing

How Can a College Student Invest?

As a college student, you have the time and stamina to learn to invest. You should practice investing with a demo account and begin research with some easy tips.
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What is the Best Online Stockbroker?

Choosing a broker to trade online with can be easy if you know what you’re looking for. I choose to invest with more than one broker because I like some of the benefits of one broker and different benefits of another.
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How Can I Pick a Good Stock?

Learning to pick stocks takes time and effort. There is a three step process that I use to choose stocks and how I start to do research on the companies I choose.
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Should I Create a Portfolio with Mutual Funds or ETFs?

The debate rages on with Mutual Funds pitted against Exchange Traded Funds. They are both ways to create a diversified portfolio. Have you decided on one or the other?
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How Do Mutual Funds Work

How Can I Invest Like Warren Buffett?

Warren Buffett has been investing in the same style since he bought his first stock. He takes a fundamental approach to researching stocks that many have tried to duplicate mostly because it works.
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Do Large Cap Stocks Perform Better Than Small Cap Stocks?

The size of a company affects the movement of the stock. In general, larger companies with large market capitalizations tend to have stock prices that move with less volatility and more predictability.
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How to Start Investing

How Can I Practice Investing?

A stock trading demo account is a great way to get started investing. Practicing placing your first trade and trying out trade ideas are ways to use a demo account.
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What Is the Easiest Way to Start Investing?

In my opinion, I have not found a better way for the beginner to start investing besides Betterment. I did a review in this post and I’ve had a personal account with them and recently opened and funded a Roth IRA as well.
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How to Build Wealth

How I Earned 9.71% Investing

I joined an investing challenge to see how much I could earn on a $1,000 investment. I chose to invest a part of my account in a passive manner and with the other portion I actively picked individual stocks. Here’s the exact strategy I used to earn a 9.71% return on my investment.
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