5 Businesses to Start in Your Dorm Room

Written By Briana Ford  |  Earn Extra Income  |  4 Comments

When you’re in college, money can be extremely tight. Between paying for tuition, room & board, and your food, your cash flow can be in need of some tender love and care. While it may be a little difficult to find a job on or around campus, you can always start a business right there in your dorm room.

You don’t have to become the next Zuckerberg to get a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Resume Writing Service

I used to help my friends spruce up their resumes all the time, and I wish I would’ve charged for it! While the career center is there on campus, sometimes it’s easier to send it over to a friend.

Offer to organize someone’s resume for them, but make sure you maintain your integrity and encourage them to only put the truth on the document. Employers will always find out if the job candidate is lying. Your service can include resume creation, editing, or even submitting based on the type of jobs your clients are looking for.

Charge a reasonable price, as your clients are probably in the same boat as you cash wise.

Dinner Delivery

If you have a car on campus, you suddenly become the popular friend for those who don’t have one. You can be your campus’ Eat24 by offering a service to pick up and deliver food for people at your school.

It’s probably not going to make you rich, and you will have to take into account gas prices, but you can definitely make some extra money during midterms or finals when people are in desperate need of food and caffeine, but don’t want to leave that special spot in the library.

Website Designer

Hand in hand with the resume writing service, your school mates should be securing their online real estate by buying TheirName.com. Some people don’t know what to put on these sites, though, and that’s where you come in.

Even if you have just a bit of experience in content management systems like WordPress, you can set up a quick landing page with a copy of their resume and a brief bio. You can also expand your clientele by reaching out to local businesses around your school, and offering your services to them (especially if their website is in desperate need of improving).

Personal Trainer

You’ll have to step out the dorm room for this one, but if you have a passion for fitness and health, you can make some good money being the go-to personal trainer on campus.

The campus gym facilities may be free to students, but not everyone knows how to use the equipment, or has the motivation to go on a regular basis. You can charge per session, offer boot camp classes, meal planning sheets, and more.

It’s a good way to stay in shape yourself, and an excellent option for those who are studying kinesiology or another related major.


This is probably a no-brainer, but if you’re excelling in a subject that your classmates are struggling in, offer to tutor them. You can charge by the hour, and help them understand the material before the big test comes.

Students are always looking for some extra help, even outside of their professors’ office hours, and you can be the one to help them save their grade.

What are some other small businesses you can start on campus?