45+ Must Read Blogs for College Students

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The Internet is filled with tons and tons of great content for college students. It can seem daunting to sift through it all to find what’s really valuable. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite blogs that provide everything from entertainment to inspiration to advice and more.

General & Lifestyle

Lifehacker: If efficiency is of interest to you, then you have to read Lifehacker. Even the “About” description is efficient: Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done. Descriptions don’t get more concise than that. Lifehacker gives you ways to, well, hack life. And those tips can help college students save time, money, and prevent stress.

Kineda: Dubbed “Your Premier Online Lifestyle Magazine,” this website is chock-full of content from a range of topics – culture, style, footwear, tech, entertainment, automotive, and design, to be exact. The website’s simplistic layout makes for an excellent user experience and, quite frankly, no matter what you’re interested in you can find something here for you.

everything i did: The writers here are all about helping others build a better life. Through sharing stories of the mistakes and lessons from their own lives, you can glean insights on how to live a better life yourself.

Forever Twenty Somethings: If you’re needing a mental break, and enjoy lists, this is the place to go. Find fun articles, helpful tips, and a lot of entertainment on this lifestyle, Buzzfeed style blog.

The Positivity Blog: This blog is exactly what it sounds like… a place for positivity. It offers “practical personal development advice and step-by-step strategies that work in real life to produce positive results.” Find tips for living a happier life, increasing confidence, becoming more productive, and improving relationships.

GenYize: Become a “Solutionist” with GenYize, a blog dedicated to millennials helping other millennials navigate life and plan for the future. Solutionists challenge the status quo and work to advance their generation. Sound like you?

Treehugger: Taking better care of our planet is an incredibly important charge, and one that we may not quite know how to do. Enter Treehugger. This “media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream” strives to be “a one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information.” If you have a passion to protect our environment, definitely subscribe to this blog.

Life After College: Okay, so you might still be in college, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start preparing for what happens after graduation. Life After College helps people wake up, live big and love the journey.

When I Grow Up: No, this isn’t the start of a Pussycat Dolls song. (Not sure why that song jumped into my head.) Michelle Ward is the founder of this blog which focuses on career success, change, and encouragement.

Advice from a 20 Something: Need advice? Ask Amanda! This advice column for the modern age covers everything from blogging to fashion to health and beyond. Any question you could have is likely covered on this blog… and if it’s not, you can submit a question yourself!

The Minimalists: At age 30, the two authors of this blog left their cushy corporate jobs to embark on a 21-day journey to minimalism. Their blog teaches you not how to have less, but make room for more time, passion, experiences, and growth.

Zen Habits: Life is chaotic and we often get lost in things that, when we really think about it, aren’t that important. Zen Habits helps you find simplicity and mindfulness amidst the chaos, and focus on what’s important.

Apartment Therapy: A sister blog of The Kitchn (linked in the below ‘Health & Fitness’ category), Apartment Therapy is a collection of resources and ideas to create a beautiful home while maximizing your budget and space.

Instructables: This blog takes how-to’s to a whole new level. Instructables gives people a platform to share what they make, so that you can embark on whatever DIY project tickles your fancy.

Sploid: Stimulate your brain on Sploid, a blog subset of Gizmodo, that shares intriguing and just plain interesting content that will probably blow your mind.


Chegg Blog: You’ve probably heard about Chegg as a resource for college students, but did you know they have a blog? There’s even a post about the 5 things you didn’t know your microwave could do. I’m definitely reading that one!

TED Blog: If you’re familiar with TED Talks, then you know the power of these information-packed presentations. For more great content, check out the blog.


InternQueen: Chances are at some point in college you’re going to have an internship. Let the Intern Queen answer all your questions and prepare you for success in your endeavors! You can even find available internship opportunities on the site.

Ms. Career Girl: Ms. Career Girl is the ambitious, powerful woman in all of us, just waiting to break free. This group blog contains valuable information on everything from job search to travel, relationships to personal finance, fashion to professionalism and more.

Study Hacks: How do people reach the upper echelon in their careers? And of equal importance, how do they do so while keeping their work a meaningful and sustainable part of their life? These are the questions that Cal Newport, computer science professor at Georgetown University, aims to answer. Curious? Check out his blog.

Health & Fitness

Hello Healthy: As far as health blogs go, Hello Healthy is a favorite of mine. It is the official blog of My Fitness Pal that’s chock-full of recipes, exercise tips, and health advice. Its simple layout and easy to read content makes healthy living easy, fun and delicious.

The Kitchn: Recipes. Cooking lessons. Product reviews. Kitchen design. And more. The Kitchn is a daily food magazine helping people live happier, healthier lives.

Daily Cup of Yoga: Do you define yourself as a “yogi”? Then you have to check out this blog. Not only does it document a man’s journey with yoga, but also delivers inspiring content for simple living.

Eat + Run: U.S. News & World Report is a thought leader in many areas – best hospitals, best universities, etc. Did you know they also have a health blog? Their suite of experts provide food and fitness articles that are worth checking out.


The Blonde Abroad: Kiersten is a California native who left her stuffy corporate finance job to travel the world… and blog about it. Follow along on her adventures and, like me, be a little jealous.

Nomadic Matt: Travel more while spending less – $50 a day, to be exact. Nomadic Matt has been traveling the world since 2006 and now he uses his experiences to help others travel cheaper and take their dream vacation.

The Savvy Backpacker: Say hello to James and Susan, the experts on backpacking through Europe. Be careful jumping on this blog though, it’s going to make you want to walk out of college and never look back.

Science, Technology & Gadgets

Gizmodo: Do you love technology, gadgets, science, and all kinds of toys big and small? What about beautiful and smart design? Aircraft that fly at three times the speed of sound? Spaceships that reach every corner of the solar system? Geek culture? Science fiction? Then you have to check out Gizmodo.

Boing Boing: As a college student, you’ll definitely want to keep up with this “Directory of Mostly Wonderful Things.” Common themes include technology, futurism, science fiction, gadgets, intellectual property, and more. You’ll find some provocative thoughts, interesting discoveries, and a whole lot of weird.

Science of Us: Curious why we mishear song lyrics – or why we “happy cry?” Science of Us is a subset of New York Magazine that delivers quick, witty articles on a variety of subjects you didn’t even know were of interest to you.

News, Current Events, & Pop Culture

AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth. Wouldn’t you agree? AMERICAblog agrees. For college students looking to keep up with US politics, both domestic and foreign, this is a great venue for keeping abreast of current political events.

The Skimm: Okay, so not exactly a blog, but definitely worth mentioning. The Skimm is a daily email newsletter that gives you updates on news and current events in easy to consume and understand ways. I recommend signing up ASAP!

Socialite Heights: Keeping up with pop culture can be challenging for a college student. Enter Socialite Heights, your quick delivery source for the latest on fashion, music, fine arts, and leisure.

Vox: Yet another news source, but one that helps you understand the news, not just hear what’s going on.

Mic: Mic approaches news from a different perspective by tailoring its coverage to young people and millennials. For a college student looking to keep up with current events, Mic speaks to you and in a way that helps you make sense of the world.

For Women

CollegeFashion: Skewed towards women, College Fashion is great for keeping up with the latest fashion trends (and finding affordable options). On the CF blog, you’ll find fashion tips, trends, beauty tips, online sale updates, décor ideas, student street style, and style advice.

Refinery29: Are you a smart, creative, and stylish woman? Find everything you need on Refinery29! This fast-growing blog is quickly becoming a one stop shop for everything trendy for young women.

The Everygirl: The ultimate inspiration for the creative, career driven woman, aka The Everygirl. This blog shares content related to travel, current events, food & drink, finance, and more.

For Men

Primer: Finally! Something for men! Primer Magazine is all about career success and personal wellness – how men can better themselves and walk confidently through the gate of adulthood.

Por Homme: The name alone should tell you everything you need to know – Por Homme means “for men” in French. Categories include style, leisure, toys, startups, industry, people, and society catered to men.

Mantelligence: How to order a martini like a man? Yep, that sounds like useful advice. For all the manly intelligence you could ever need, head over to Mantelligence to be the best man you can be!



Hardcore History: Even if you’re not a history buff, Dan Carlin does an excellent job of using storytelling to chronicle historical events. Someone who makes learning fun? Sign me up!

WTF with Marc Maron: For that dose of comedic relief in your day, check out Marc Maron’s podcast where he interviews various celebrities in the entertainment business.

Criminal/Serial: We couldn’t do a podcast category without mention these hugely popular ones. Criminal does one story per episode in a similar style. Serial, a spin-off of This American Life, features one story throughout a season.

Plz Advise: Hosted by Molly McAleer, former writer for 2 Broke Girls, this podcast answers all your burning questions frankly and honestly. This one is not for the easily offended.

All Work, All Play: Familiarize yourself with the millennial outlook with this podcast which is half dedicated to work topics and half dedicated to the lighter stuff.

What are some of your favorite blogs? Share them in the comments below!