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Be Late For Something Day: Be Late For Something Today, Anything BUT Your Bills!

So apparently Be Late For Something Day is coming on September 5th. That means you’re officially excused from arriving to work late today!

(Okay, maybe not!)

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However, there are a couple of things that’s totally fine being late for, like arriving fashionably late to an event in a really cute dress, or showing up two minutes late to class so everyone can watch you enter.

But do you know the ONE thing you shouldn’t be late for?

Paying your bills!

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(Even on a day like today!)

Here are 3 reasons why you should always pay bills on time.

1. Late fees!

It’s bad enough that we have to pay bills, but do you really want to get stuck with paying more than the price of the actual service? If this isn’t enough of a reason to make sure you pay your bills on time, then by all means… keep reading!

2. Increasing Interest Rate

I’m sure you already know that if you don’t pay your bills in full, you’ll be charged interest. What you may not know is that if you continue to pay your bills late, your interest rate may spike. (Like I said before, no one wants to pay more than they really need to, right?)

3. Maintaining A Good Credit Score

I didn’t learn this one until very recently. That’s funny since it’s the most important reason out of the three! Late payments can and WILL hurt your credit score! What makes this devastating is that while fees are usually a one time thing, your credit history stays with you. A mistake stays on your credit score for seven years. Yes, a credit mistake you make in college in likely to haunt you when you’re trying to find a job, buy a house, and start a family.

[Tweet “Hey! Your credit history is really important, so don’t screw it up!”]

(I’m not kidding about this one either.)

Are there any other reasons you have for paying your bills on time?

If so, leave a comment and let me know!

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Budgeting & Saving

It’s Eat Outside Day! Here’s How You Can Afford Eating Out Without Breaking The Bank

Even though it’s Eat Outside Day, that doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire paycheck on a 5 course meal.

(But that doesn’t mean should settle for McDonald’s either.) 

Here’s how you can enjoy eating out, without breaking the bank:

Don’t Go Out With An Empty Stomach

If you go out hungry, you’re more likely to spend a ridiculous amount of money. It’s hard to ignore hunger pangs. Going out with an empty stomach often leads to a massive food order. Nine out of ten times, this will cause you to end up wasting food and money. (Being able to take the food home is not an excuse!)

Only Bring A Certain Amount Of Money  

You can’t spend more money than you have, can you? Instead of bringing your debit or credit card, bring a small amount of cash. This way you can’t spend a dime more, even if you want another drink.

Use Groupon Or Another Coupon Service

Groupon has a lot of restaurant deals. Why not use them? There’s absolutely no reason to spend the full amount when you could have the same meal for half the price. You can thank me later!

Go Out For Lunch Instead Of Dinner

Lunch is always cheaper than dinner. So why not go out for lunch instead? You’ll automatically save money! Need I say more?

Drink Water

Everyone knows if you drink while you eat, you’ll get full faster! However drinking alcohol only makes you… want another drink. That only leads to you spending more money. But water is free, and it will definitely help you feel full. Make sure you take those free glasses of water they keep offering you. They will also help keep you hydrated so you don’t wake up with a killer hangover in the morning.

What do you guys think?

Are there any other ways you can save money while going out to eat?

If so, leave a comment below and let me know!

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