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How to Tackle Student Loan Debt

While graduating from college without any student loan debt isn’t impossible, it’s certainly getting harder to avoid. A Pew Social Trends study recently found that, 37% of people under age 40 have student debt, with the median debt load starting at $13,000. Student debt has surpassed credit card debt as the second largest type of debt owned by American households, after mortgages.


What Does This Mean for Us?

The study also found that young adults with student loan debt are lagging behind their peers in terms of wealth accumulation. Households headed by young, college-educated adults without student loan debt have 7 times the typical net worth of households headed by young, college-educated adults with student loan debt ($64,000 compared to $8,700). This holds true even with nearly identical household incomes in each group.

If there’s one thing you should know about Young Finances, it’s that we want to help you succeed in accumulating wealth! So what can you do if you’re like me, and have some significant student loan debt? Here are some ways I am digging myself out of the student loan debt hole and getting back on the wealth accumulation track!


Tackle Student Loan Debt: Time to Get Proactive and Not Reactive

Before we get further bummed out that we don’t have as much money in the bank as our peers who graduated without loans, let’s look first at our situation. It is possible for us to be successful, even if we have student loan debt. We just have to be proactive about our situation. So what kind of student loan debt do you have?

All Federal Loans

If you have all federal loans, you’re in luck! Check out the student loan forgiveness and repayment website. If you qualify, you may be able to consolidate your debt and have a more forgiving repayment plan. You could qualify for income based repayment, or a graduated plan that allows you to pay less per month over a longer period of time.

Private Loans

If you have private loans, you’re still not out of luck. If you’re not able to make your monthly payment, call up your loan providers and ask what you can do. Trust me, loan providers want you to pay, so they will work with you to get your loan repayment down to a manageable monthly amount.

Once you’ve gotten your loans down into a manageable monthly repayment amount, it’s time to tackle your loan with the highest interest rate first. What does this mean? It means you will pay off your highest interest rate loan first – loans with higher interest rates mean you pay more in interest, and all interest is is bonus money the government/private lenders get because they loaned you money over a period of time. Don’t give them any more money than you have to!

Once you have your first loan paid off, keep going on to the next one with the highest interest rate. This is known as ‘debt snowballing’, and it’s a great way to get some momentum started!

Now that you’ve got your debt repayment snowballing, make sure not to take on any additional debt, especially credit card debt. Don’t derail your awesome success – keep your debt repayments snowballing, and you’ll be on your way to serious wealth accumulation!

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How to Survive Your First Job

Sometimes it seems like I’ve had several different jobs, even though, in reality, I’ve been at my ‘real’ job (the one I work for on a regular basis for real money! Not intern credit!) for nearly 3 years. Over the past 3 years, I had 6 different bosses – which is probably why it feels like I’ve had six different jobs!

With that, I think I have a pretty good handle of what it takes to survive your first few months in a new job. Sure, I don’t have decades of experience, but the experience I do have has taught me a lot about what it means to set yourself up for success… or recognize the job you have isn’t going to work out for you.

How to Survive Your First Job: Be Humble

As the saying goes, first impressions can really make or break you. I found that out first-hand with a young woman at one of my first jobs – she was around my age, but she wasn’t particularly nice. She thought she was hot stuff and everyone should know it – but guess what? No matter how good she was at her job (and she was good at it!), she gave people the impression that she was better than they were. She was denied several promotions in the time she stayed in our organization, and while I can’t confirm it, I have a feeling it was based on her reputation in the office.

No matter how awesome you are (and you obviously are, otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten the job!), be humble and nice to everyone you meet your first month or two. I’m not saying downplay your accomplishments, but just tell the facts. No need to tell everyone you’re a superstar – if you are, they will find out over time!

Listen More Than You Speak

Like your Mom may have told you, you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Ask more questions of your coworkers than they do of you – first, to learn about them and their roles in the company, but also: this may be one of the few opportunities you have to ask a lot of questions and not look like you don’t know anything. Use this to your advantage!

By listening closely, you’ll figure out who is friends with who, and who is related to who. It seems childish, but it’s a fact of office life: people gossip. And you don’t want to be the one being gossiped about, so keep your mouth shut and your ears open!

Learn How Your Boss Ticks

Listening carefully goes for your boss too – ask him or her a lot of questions now, early in your job, to get a feel for how he or she ticks. What are your boss’ goals? If you notice your boss spends a lot of time in her office, carefully reviewing work and organizing files, make organization and careful work your goal. If you notice your boss out socializing, make a little effort to socialize more too.

I’m not saying become a carbon copy of your boss, but these attributes may be things your boss prioritizes. I’ve had a boss comment to me once that I ‘must be shy’ because I preferred being at my desk versus socializing with coworkers. I thought I came across as a hard worker, but in his mind, I looked like the opposite of a team player. I quickly made an effort to be seen socializing more – and it wasn’t a bad thing!

Starting your first job can be nerve-wracking, but if you keep in mind that this first job could be a long term career, or a great jumping off point to another great career, that should help you to remember these tips. Like Lil Wayne says, it’s not what you walk away from, it’s what you walk away with – and you need to walk away from your first job with some serious skills, a solid resume/portfolio, and professional references for your next awesome job.

What tips would you include for those starting their first job?

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Earn Extra Income

15+ Ways to Make Extra Money Today

We've all been there... the rent is due soon and you need to make money now. As a young adult, there are many expenses, planned and unplanned. This means sometimes you have to go above and beyond to make extra money.

If you need to make extra cash today, we've got just the list to help you do it! Not everything on this list will be quick and easy, and some may require elbow grease, but if you need to make extra money now, this list will help you do it!

Ever wish you could make extra cash during your free time? Turns out, it’s easier than you think! Look around your house or think about the skills you already have, and start making money right now.

These 15 ways to make extra money are a great jump-start to building a side business around your stuff and your skills.
Find! This post did not just have the typical ways to make extra money. And there's one that I can do this weekend! I'm on it ;)

Make Extra Money This Weekend by Selling Items Around Your House

Selling items around your house is one of the easiest ways to make extra money on the weekend. Chances are, you probably have old stuff you’re not using anymore, whether it’s electronics, clothes, or even furniture. By selling items you no longer use around your home, you’ll clear up space around your house and make extra money.

1) Gone

You have probably already heard of (or tried!) Craigslist and eBay. But there are other ways to sell your items beyond these sites. Gone is an app that helps you sell your electronics. Gone is awesome because it sends you all packaging and shipping materials, plus they sell your item for you at the best price. You get paid once your item is sold, and you can receive a check, PayPal transfer, or Amazon gift card.

2) OfferUp

Don’t want to deal with shipping at all? Check out OfferUp, which connects you to other buyers and sellers in your location. OfferUp is an app. All you do is take a picture of the item you want to sell, price it, and wait for someone to contact you. OfferUp is similar to Craigslist in that you’ll be selling your items locally. Meet your buyer in a public location, preferably with a friend to be safe.

3) SwipSwap

SwipSwap is a funny name, but it’s serious about selling your items. If you’re on Facebook, type in “SwipSwap (or Swip Swap) [your city]” and look for groups of people in your area who are buying and selling items. Swip swaps are like Craigslist, but are extremely local and Facebook groups are often private. In many big cities, you have to prove you live in the city before you can be approved.

However, local swip swaps are one of the safest ways to sell your items and make extra money on the weekend. To sell, take a picture of your item, include a brief description and the price, and wait for someone to bid on your item. Some people will try to haggle, whereas others will message you to buy outright. Another bonus to swip swaps are that people live fairly close to you, meaning you won’t have to drive out of your way (or pay for shipping) to sell.

Sell Your Clothes

4) Poshmark

Poshmark is an app that helps you sell your clothes. If you’ve been meaning to sell a pair of Tory Burch flats that never fit right, Poshmark is your chance!

Selling on Poshmark is easy: take a few pictures of your item, add a description and price, and wait for someone to purchase. When someone purchases your item, Poshmark helps with shipping by sending you a prepaid and pre-addressed label.

5) ThredUp

Similar to Poshmark, ThredUp sells designer clothes and so much more. I’ve had the most luck with ThredUp in selling because I typically don’t sell my designer clothes (I wear them until they can’t be worn anymore…). However, I do occasionally sell non-designer items that simply don’t fit me, and they do sell well on ThredUp.

Earnings on ThredUp vary (from 10-80% depending on the price of the item), but ThredUp does all the work of selling your item for you, from processing your item, to putting it online, and sending it on its way. All you do is pack a bag (provided by ThredUp) with gently worn, clean, and preferably in-season items, then drop it off at your local post office. You can even schedule a pick up if you’re super busy! Once received by ThredUp, your items are processed, posted online, and you’re contacted as your items sell. You make money after the items sell.

6) Consignment Stores

If you need money now, raid your closet and your apartment for anything you can sell. If you have some gently worn clothes, especially work-appropriate attire, make some extra money by taking your clothes to a consignment store. Consignment stores will split the profit with you, usually 60-70% to you and 30-40% to the store, but the only work you have to put in is dropping your clothes off!
Is your stuff too big to take to a consignment store? Or do you want to save time and money by not driving? The internet to the rescue! Online consignment stores like will help you sell your gently worn clothing. And don't forget Craigslist for selling bigger, heavier items. The best part about Craigslist is people will generally text or call you right away for your items, meaning you'll make cash money fast.

7) Yard Sales

Yard sales might get a bad reputation for being time-consuming or a hassle, but they are quick ways to make extra money. Go through all of your old stuff, even things that are more than gently worn. Kitchen items, furniture, and baby items generally do the best at yard sales, but you'll be surprised at what sells!

Make Extra Money & Sell Your Skills

Don’t really want to sell anything around your house? That’s okay, there are still ways to make extra money this weekend!

8) Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

For a little extra money, you can use your skills to do a few side tasks on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Tasks vary daily, but can be anything from transcription to basic research. Most tasks can be finished relatively quickly, and once your work has been approved, you get paid.

9) Fiverr

Have an awesome voice? Like to review resumes? Are you great at creating logos? Consider selling your skills online at Fiverr to make extra money. Since your work will be selling for a base price of $5, you’ll want to choose something not terribly time intensive. Need stock photos for your creative designs? Check out this list of 100+ places to find free stock photos online.

Say you’re really great at designing logos: for $5, offer one black and white logo design. For an extra $5, you can offer multiple revisions. For another $5, you can offer logos in color. This way, you’re not wasting your time doing multiple revisions for someone who only wants to pay you $5, and you’re making extra money for your talent.

10) Become a Rideshare Driver

If you have a car, like to drive, and are sociable, you may love being a rideshare driver. You can choose one of the "big three" ridesharing companies, or you can choose all three: Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar. The best money-making days are usually the weekends, especially after the bars close, but you don't have to drive at 2 a.m. just to make extra money. Driving can be very lucrative during the day, especially during rush hour, so give it a try and drive for a few companies to see which one suits you best.

11) Be a Sitter

To make extra money, offer your skills as a babysitter to friends and family. Don't like kids? Offer to petsit or elder-sit! Ask around and see if anyone needs a sitter, either to watch their children for a night, their pets for a weekend, or to check in on an elderly family member a few days a week. You could make money right now - and in the future, if you like it!

12) Offer Your Skills on TaskRabbit

Similar to, TaskRabbit markets your time for money, and you set the price. If you can plan an event, move furniture, or decipher Ikea instructions, you could find yourself in demand on TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit tasks come up regularly, which makes it an easy way for you to make some extra cash today and in the future.

13) Make Extra Money Surfing the Web

We've covered Swagbucks before, where you can earn money for surfing the web and doing various online tasks. Not only is Swagbucks free to join, but you can earn money throughout the day just by using Swagbucks for regular internet searching and more.
In addition to Swagbucks, you can use Inbox Dollars to make some extra money today. Like Swagbucks, you can take surveys through Inbox Dollars, play games, and even redeem grocery coupons to make extra cash.

Turn your Trash into Treasure

14) Sell Your iPhone Photos

If you love taking pictures and already share them online, consider getting paid for your talent. will take your photos and sell them to major media outlets, then split the profit 50/50. The best part about Foap is you can make some serious money from it: you're paid $5 per photo you sell and, if brands like your photos, they can pay you hundreds to thousands of dollars to take specific photos. This could lead to a full-time job in photography.

15) Rehab Old Furniture

Someone else's trash can be your treasure - if your talent is reviving the past. Visit yard sales around your neighborhood, or rehab old furniture you already have. You can sell it at your own yard sale, put it up for sale on Craigslist, or take it to a consignment shop to possibly get even more money for it.

Bonus! Sign Up to Work as a Brand Ambassador

While it may not make you money today, consider signing up with a marketing agency to make additional money on the side. If you find yourself consistently needing extra money, or if you work freelance or part-time hours, you may want to look into taking more gigs over the long term. You'll have the most luck looking for brand ambassador positions if you're in a larger city. For best results, join a few marketing agencies and grab the jobs as they open. If you want to learn exactly how I made $20 an hour in college as a brand ambassador then grab this extra money video course.

I'll tell you exactly how to find jobs as a brand ambassador and exactly what you need to know to book them consistently. The extra money course also includes specific steps you can take to earn money online.

Thanks to the internet, there are a lot of opportunities for you to earn extra money today. In fact, you may have some photos on your phone, furniture in your house, or skills in your repertoire you could sell right now! Consider some of the above money making opportunities for making money right now.

With these 15 ways to make extra money, you’re sure to find something quick and fairly profitable. Over time, if you really want to start a regular side hustle, you may want to consider expanding your Fiverr business, help other people sell their items online. Or even start your own blog. This blog post will walk you through the steps to starting a money making blog.

All of these ways to make extra money will take more time, but they can be worthwhile long-term ways to make extra money, too.

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65+ Job Search Sites so You Can Get Hired Today

Finding a job after college can be tough. It can be extra challenging for those whose major isn't particularly in-demand, who don't have strong networks, or for those who live in an economically-depressed area. After applying to so many job search sites, it can feel like you're throwing your resume into an abyss.

But don't lose hope. I started in my field after sending my resume through an online portal, which got my foot in the door. All you need is one great resume and interview to set yourself up on the path to success! Here are 65+ job search sites you may not have already heard about:
All you need is one great resume and interview to set yourself up on the path to success! Here are 65+ job search sites you may not have already heard about

65+ Job Search Sites

General Job Search Sites

1. Career Builder - At Career Builder, you can get advice or search through 1.6 million jobs. Set alerts to be first in line and have new jobs emailed to you.

2. Indeed - You can find millions of jobs compiled from thousands of company web sites, job boards and newspapers.

3. Monster - Monster is a source for jobs and career advice. You can search for jobs, read career advice from Monster's job experts, and find hiring and recruiting tips and tricks.

4. LinkedIn - On LinkedIn, you can manage your professional identity, build and engage with your professional network, and access knowledge, insights and opportunities. Do not overlook this power player.

5. Glassdoor - Here you can find reviews, salaries and benefits from employees as well as interview questions from candidates. It's like having insider knowledge for thousands of companies.

6. College Recruiter - This is a leading niche job board for college students and recent grads who are searching for internships, part-time employment, and seasonal work.

7. US Jobs - Find local jobs and apply online via company employment career sites. US Jobs is a free service provided by the Direct Employers Association.

8. Simply Hired - Search for job opportunities and browse by job category, city, state, employer and more.

9. Idealist - One of the best places to find volunteer opportunities, nonprofit jobs, internships, and organizations working to change the world. Humanitarian majors should definitely check out this site.

10. Snag a Job - It's a job search engine with helpful advice on job searching, job interview questions (and how they should be answered) and more.

11. FlexJobs - A professional job search site to help you find the best flexible jobs available, safely and easily. Every job is hand-screened and legitimate.

12. The Job Spider - A job search engine that offers a unique job classified system and free resume posting. Career search by category or keyword for thousands of full time and part time jobs.

13. Hot Jobs Yahoo - Yahoo HotJobs is a comprehensive career management resource with job listings, a resume builder, and content to assist job seekers.

14. Flip Dog - crawls employer web sites looking for job opportunities not advertised elsewhere. It's a neat idea.

15. Job Central - Job search site where you can search for full time and part time jobs and job training.

16. All Job Search - Over 1,000 popular job sites, newspapers and newsgroups, all in one search.

17. Nation Job - Nation Job provides an employment and online job search engine. You can post jobs and search for careers by community, industry, or company.

18. Work Tree - A job portal that thousands of job seekers use daily as a launch pad to begin their online job search.

19. Hound - A job search site with jobs directly from employer websites, job boards, newspapers, etc. Browse millions of latest jobs from thousands of companies.

20. Find Jobs by Zip - With Find Jobs by Zip, you can find full-time and part-time jobs with only your ZIP code. If location is your most important requirement, this site is perfect for you.

21. US Job Board - Search jobs and career opportunities and find employment in the United States.

22. Hire Diversity - A job search site for diversity jobs, recruiting/hiring minority executives, managers and employees.

23. ExecuNet - ExecuNet is a private community made up of nearly 700,000 CEOs and VPs, recruiters and more. These are the people to know.

24. Jobster - A job search engine with search criteria that matches individuals with suitable job listings.

25. Nation Job - Post jobs and search for careers by community, industry, or company.

26. Link Up - A free job search site where you can find and apply for job openings found directly on company websites.

27. Career Jet - A job search site with jobs pulled from 10,000+ websites.

Specific Job Search Sites

These jobs are for those looking for more specific jobs.

28. LatPro - Find Spanish, bilingual, and Hispanic jobs on LatPro.

29. One Wire - A job search site for finance professionals. Good for finance jobs, banking jobs, accounting jobs and more.

30. AccounTemps - Accountemps is a specialized, temporary staffing company for accounting, finance and bookkeeping.

31. After College - Entry level jobs and internships for those right out of school.

32. Dice - Dice is a site dedicated to tech industry jobs. In addition to a robust database of available jobs in the information technology industry, it offers a wide range of articles with tips and advice on landing a job in the IT field.

33. CrunchBoard - provides a spot for people interested in working in the tech industry.

34. Culintro - is where bartenders, cooks, executive chefs and maître d’s go to find American restaurant jobs.

35. Efinancial Career - For financial professionals seeking positions in investment banking, asset management, trading, auditing, risk management, and securities (to name a few) this is a go-to website. The site also provides job market news and salary survey information.

36. Jobs on the Menu - specializes in restaurant jobs for servers, hostesses, chefs, restaurant managers, and more in some of the finest restaurants in the U.S.

37. Health Care Job Site - One unique advantage the site offers is an online career portfolio option that healthcare professionals can use to build and showcase their portfolio.

38. Jobs in Logistics - helps job seekers find careers in transportation, supply chain, purchasing, distribution, and manufacturing among other areas.

39. Media Bistro - Media Bistro offers everything from communications coordinators to editor and social media positions, this site has a lot to offer anyone wanting to break into media and communications.

40. Journalism Jobs - offers over 800 journalism jobs around the world. In addition to traditional employment opportunities, you can find freelance work and internships as well as diversity jobs in the journalism industry.

41. Sales Gravy - offers an excellent range of sales training services, as well as articles on topics of interest within the field of sales.

42. USA Jobs - Job seekers interested in federal jobs can apply online, and learn about eligibility, pay, and benefits.

43. The Ladders - Originally launched as a job search site that specialized in employment for executives earning $100,000 or more per year, the site has expanded its services to all professional jobs representing nearly 43,000 recruiters.

44. LinkedIn - When it comes to useful tools for your job search, it’s nearly impossible to match With a global Alexa rank of 11 and a U.S. rank of 7, this site is a go-to resource for employers. It's so powerful, we've decided to list it twice.

45. Tweet My Jobs - The simplicity and viral nature of this platform combine to make it a powerful recruiting tools for businesses – and job seekers savvy enough to use this medium in their searches.

46. Jobs Miner - This neat tool extracts job postings from various social media networks to match the search criteria you establish.

47. Wow Jobs Canada - Search over 100,000 jobs from thousands of job sites, classifieds and company sites across Canada.

48. Blogging for Jobs - is an online workplace resource for managers, leaders, human resources, and recruiting professionals.

49. iHispano - Join this Latino job board to find employers that are looking for Hispanic and bilingual Spanish professionals.

50. Career Journal - Executives, managers, and professionals can find jobs on this site from The Wall Street Journal.

51. Guru - Put your skills to work by creating a personal listing and responding to jobs on this freelance job search site.

52. Lawfirm Staff - Find jobs at law firms through this site.

53. College Grad - Recent college graduates can find tons of jobs and helpful resources on this job site.

54. IT Jobs - Find international IT and tech jobs on this site.

55. Military Hire - This job search site is the leading job site for military veterans.

56. ALA - The American Library Association maintains a list of open library positions.

57. Findlaw - Findlaw offers a career center for legal professionals.

58. Job 37 Signals - Check out 37 Signals to find programming, design, and executive jobs.

59. Saludos - This website provides career resources for Latino job seekers.

60. Cool Works - Find summer and seasonal job listings at national parks and resorts on this website.

61. Alum Wire - Alum Wire offers a job search for recent college graduates.

62. Opportunity Nocs - Check out this job search site to find nonprofit jobs and opportunities.

63. Care - On, you can find a job as a babysitter, tutor, pet sitter, or senior caregiver.

64. Education Crossing - Check out Education Crossing to find all of the education jobs available online.

65. Talent Zoo - TalentZoo offers a job search engine for advertising, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, and publishing jobs.

Even though finding a job is tougher than it used to be, it's not impossible. While the internet has made job searching more impersonal, it has also opened many more opportunities than before. With determination, perseverance, and maybe some luck, the above job search sites can help you find a job today!

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