Networking with a Twist and Maybe a Martini



Last week, I attended a networking event. Not just any networking event. This was a NetParty. A NetParty is networking with a twist. Networking can be a little awkward in my opinion. You walk up to a stranger, find something in common, strike up a conversation and walk away with a business card. And that business card burns a hole in your wallet. Then a few weeks later as you’re making room for cash, you stumble upon this business card and try to remember why you have it and who this person is to you. NetParty and Bizzabo turn the awkward networking into strategic meetups.



I first heard of NetParty through a friend. She mentioned that they were always fun events where you could meet young professionals.

About NetParty

NetParty is the first Worldwide Young Professionals Network. We are over 100,000 members and growing.

Our NetParty Networking Events are business and social networking events, held after work at nightclubs, lounges, mansions and other cool venues, attended by hundreds of young professionals and designed to make it easy to make new contacts and new friends.

I always enjoy meeting new people and I am learning to network more as I build my brand and business. So I decided to check out a NetParty in Atlanta. It was being held at a local club during happy hour.

When I arrived, I was given a name tag with my name and the name tag was color coded by my industry. It was very easy to walk up to someone I didn’t know because I could start the conversation with a question like, “So, how long have you been in finance/healthcare/media?” I would have a quick conversation and then refresh my drink and meet more people.

After my first NetParty I was excited to go to the next one. My next NetParty was much more strategically planned with a new networking app called Bizzabo.

The Bizzabo app is a free app that allows you to connect with event attendees before the event occurs. Then when you arrive at the event, you can make it a point to meet those that you have already connected with.

This make it so much easier to strike up a conversation. On average, for every 1000 attendees using Bizzabo, approximately 700 new LinkedIn and Twitter connections were made!

With the Bizzabo app you can

  • Mark as leads the people you’d like to meet at the event
  • Message fellow attendees
  • Check in to our event once you’ve arrived to discover others in the room and receive recommendations as to the best people for you to meet
  • Expand your online and offline professional and social networks
  • Follow event tweets and news

The creators of Bizzabo found an opportunity after they attended numerous events, conferences and meetups, “staring at nametags and searching for a potential business opportunity, all while wasting valuable time and money.” They decided to create an app that allows you to pre-meet event attendees so you will be ready to make those live connections once you are at the event.

Download the Bizzabo app and remember to join the NetParty email list to find out when they are planning an event in your city.

What do you think? Have you had an awkward experience when trying to meet conference or event attendees?