I Hate Finance, Now What?



bored baby

I’d have to admit, finance is not the most interesting topic. Even if you like money, you might be bored to death by finance.
Most United States citizens didn’t even care about finance and how it affects their lives until they had to finance a bank bailout.

Even if you hate finance there are 3 easy ways to make money with the information on Financial Success for Young Adults.

Invest in what you love

When you really like a company, say for example, your cell phone provider, reading through their recent news is much easier to stomach. You should find one to two companies that you frequent as a customer and get to know them better buy browsing their investor relations page on their website. You may be surprised to find out what other companies or business lines they own.

Keep it Simple

You don’t have to learn every single asset class. If stocks interest you then research your favorite company. If you don’t have time for in depth company research and you prefer global economics consider futures or forex. The best investors become experts in their asset class of choice. Read 9 Steps to a Profitable Portfolio to learn more about the different asset classes.

Let Someone Else Do the Work

This may be an option for you if you have enough capital to hire a money manager. There are fund managers, stockbrokers and other financial advisors that will invest your money for you. Normally they charge an upfront fee and a portion of all of the gains they make for you. When you choose a financial advisor be sure to research their credentials and background. The last thing you want is for your financial advisor to run off to Las Vegas with all of your money!

How do you keep investing simple? I’d love to hear about it.

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