I Graduated, but Don’t Have a Job

I Graduated, but Don’t Have a Job | Young Finances

When I graduated, I didn’t have a full time job lined up, so this article will apply to me as well. And I’d like to say that I currently make all of my money running this site, but six dollars and eighty four cents in Google Adsense ain’t paying the bills.

So if you are jobless and looking for a career, some money, and some respect here are 3 tips to get there. Everyone says networking is the key to getting a job but there are smart networking tips that work best.

Call, Email, or Meet your Professors

This one technique got me an interview with a company that I never would have known about. There are companies that constantly contact your department head or professors looking for talent. If you were smart enough to make friends with that professor or if you were memorable in some other positive way then you should make it a point to contact them for help. Call and tell them you are still looking for a position.

Join an Industry Specific Organization

I used this technique to get an informational interview with someone in my field. When you meet people in your industry and continue to learn about your field more and more opportunities will be available to you. Make sure you have some personal business cards printed up. Focus on meeting 1 to 3 people at each function. It will make it easier for you to make a meaningful connection and keep in touch.

Go to Student Functions as an Alumni

If you were a member of a student organization as an undergraduate then you remember the special members only functions. You should be able to continue attending those functions as an alumni. At those functions be sure to chat with fellow alumni, sometimes you can get a tip for an open position in their company.
Remember to update your resume and write a cover letter for your job search. Don’t give up! the job market is coming back and you will get an awesome job soon.

Still looking for a job? I’ve created a full guide with details and case studies just for you! Check it out here.

How did you land your first job?

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