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apple butter bakery

Founded in 2008 as Pickett Pastries, Shellane Pickett along with her mother, Veronica and sister, Erica, went on a mission to create delicious, quality, custom cakes for family and friends. As months went by, the demand for custom cakes grew and Apple-Butter Bakery & Custom Cake Shoppe was formed to serve the Metro-Atlanta area. ABC Cake Shoppe proudly serves custom cakes, cupcakes, cake trouffles, candies, and pies to the Metro-Atlanta community

Shellane Pickett is the owner and founder of the Atlanta based business, Apple Butter Bakery. Better known as Apple Butter Bakery Custom Cake Shoppe, or ABC Cake Shoppe, this young woman is really building a buzz around town. With some of the most detailed and original designs, she has a long list of orders to fill and a full kitchen each week. She designs novelty cakes to look like your favorite Gucci heel or Prada bag, specialty cakes for music artists, and the most beautiful bridal cakes for that special occasion.

louis vuitton cake

And best of all, they taste great! Her custom cake shop won the Chosen Award title for Tastemaker of the Year and she will also be the featured cake vendor at The Not Wedding, an annual fake wedding designed especially to debut the best wedding vendors Atlanta has to offer. Apple Butter Bakery prides itself on creating custom cakes that deliver on quality, looks and taste for its customers. Watch the interview below to see Shellane’s work and why she decided to start a business.

Who made the Louis Vuiton cake on season 4 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Check out the Gucci cake below and you be the judge!

gucci bag cake

Watch the Apple Butter Bakery owner Shellane Pickett here.

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      Great. I wish I had one of these available in our area.

      • http://youngadultfinances.com LaTisha

        Don’t these cakes look delicious?

        • http://www.thedebtmyth.com Jackie

          Wow she clearly has a ton of talent. Those cakes are amazing!

          • http://youngadultfinances.com LaTisha Styles

            I love the way that she just decided to jump in and start a business. And she’s doing well with it too!

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    That is awesome. Wish my fiancee and I could afford one of her cakes for our wedding! Sweetness!

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      She makes amazing cakes