The 2015 Jumpstart Bundle is Here!

Jumpstart Your 2015

How did 2014 go for you? Do you feel prepped for 2015 yet? No matter how 2014 went, 2015 is right around the corner, and we’ve got the 2015 Jumpstart Bundle ready to help you kick it off with a bang! The bundle is really like a jetpack for your year! We have over $1300


Interview Skills

How to Ace Your Next Interview

How to Ace Your Next Interview | Young Finances

You’ve submitted your resume and cover letter, passed all the computer screening, and have just received a call to interview for your dream job: the job is practically yours, right? Not so fast! You have to get through the interview process. While it may seem daunting, you can do this. For most professions, interview questions are



6 Fun New Ways to Wear a Scarf

6 Fun New Ways to Wear a Scarf | Young Finances

We are all familiar with the scarf trend that has taken over the past few years. Everywhere you go now days, scarves are can be seen in every color and pattern! Personally, I’m always looking for different ways to wear and use my many scarves so I can make more use out my selection and