What’s Your Definition of Retirement?

What's Your Definition of Retirement?

You likely know people in your family such as your parents or grandparents who retired in the traditional way.  They worked hard for 40+ years before they made it to the end of the rainbow and found their retirement pot at 65, whether it was funded by a company pension, Social Security payments or their



Holiday Spending Surges: 7 Smarter Ways to Shop

Holiday Spending Surges: 7 Smarter Ways to Shop | Young Finances

Hold onto your wallets: holiday shopping predictions are trickling in, and experts agree Americans will be spending more this year based on job growth, improved housing data and better-than-usual retail sales. Both the National Retail Federation (NRF) and consulting firm Deloitte LLC estimate such increases and anticipate nearly $617 billion in overall sales. While most Americans are getting ready


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VIDEO: How to Budget for Groceries

Are you finding that groceries are a drag on your budget? Want to create a plan to chop your grocery budget? Here is a 3 step plan to budget for groceries. Supermarket music: If you liked this video please be sure to subscribe, like, and comment! Ask me a question? Subscribe! :