3 Tips All College Graduates Must Use to Prepare for Phone Interviews | Young Finances

3 Tips All College Graduates Must Use to Prepare for Phone Interviews

These days a phone interview is the first obstacle between you and the perfect job. Here are three tips to help you improve your phone interview skills.  

PODCAST: Interview with Rob Wilson | Young Finances

Young Finances Interviews Rob Wilson on Achieving Success

I’m super excited to share with you all this interview! Rob Wilson is a financial advisor originally from Pittsburgh and has been dubbed “Hip Hop’s Financial Advisor” because he is a trusted advisor to professional athletes & entertainers. Rob believes that we can all learn from their success. He received his bachelors degree in Industrial […]

10 Stories of Lost Money and 5 Ways You Can Keep Yours | Young Finances

10 Stories of Lost Money and 5 Ways You Can Keep Yours

I have a friend who recently lost out on money. He’s pretty upset because he was a few dollars shy of earning this free money. In fact, $27 dollars shy. I tried to sympathize because hey, lost money is lost money right? But in this case, I was having a hard time feeling sympathetic. In […]

8 Wedding Guest Hacks to Save on Gifts, Travel & More | Young Finances

8 Wedding Guest Hacks to Save on Gifts, Travel & More

If you think wedding season ended in June, think again; the months of August through October represent some of the most popular months to tie the knot. The average wedding guest spends a record $592 each time they attend a friend’s nuptials, and that doesn’t even include the cost of a gift. What’s more, a […]

10 Things NOT to Buy Your College-Bound Student | Young Finances

10 Things NOT to Buy Your College-Bound Student

We’ll let you in on a little secret that “they” don’t want you to know: College is expensive! But seriously, it’s not just tuition, either. Chances are your child will also have to buy books (which are increasing in price faster than tuition!), new clothes, kegs of beer, and even some housewares to furnish a dorm room […]

Travel Rewards

Banking and Budgeting

how to build wealth

How You Can Build Wealth

Building wealth takes time and knowledge. There is no get rich quick method. There are a few ways to begin building wealth. Passive Income vs. Active Income Active Income Active Income is based on your own personal efforts to make money by exchanging hours for dollars. It is the income that comes in when you […]


Get Ready for Zero Free Debt Payoff Plan

Before you start building wealth, you may have a few administrative items that need to be taken care of. Namely, you may have consumer debt hanging over your head. Every day it calls to you, waking you up in the middle of the night. Have you ever jumped out of bed in a cold sweat […]

the Wealth Number book

The Wealth Number Book Review

Time for another book review! Although I regularly read books for personal development and skill enhancement, I don’t always take the time to write a review unless a book really makes a great impression on me. Click here to see the best investing and personal finance books for young adults. I recently read The Wealth […]


How to Be Smart, Savvy, And On A Budget

In today’s economy it has become increasingly hard to live like you did 15 years ago. With rising prices on food, gas, clothes, etc., you will find that a lot of people are living check to check and in debt. Shopping excursions, vacations, and extracurricular activities are becoming a thing of the past. Most people […]

how to save money while shopping

8 Ways Retailers Fool You Into Spending Money

Pranksters everywhere have their calendars marked for April 1st. It’s the one day each year when their shenanigans are not just tolerated, but actually encouraged. While tricksters may be reserving their arsenal of hijinks for April Fools’ Day, your favorite retailers are fooling you year-round. As it turns out, there are a number of subtle, […]


How I Plan to Save $677.08 Dollars a Year on Cell Service for my iPhone 4S

I’ve been bleeding fifty six dollars and forty five cents for the last 5 months. And I had no idea until I decided to cancel my cell phone service with Verizon Wireless and cut my cell phone bill in half, actually more than half. With the switch I am saving $56.45 each month. As a […]

Life and Leisure

Tears, Screams, Amputation Scares and Two Major Reasons Why the Megabus is Not For Me | Young Finances

Tears, Screams, Amputation Scares and Two Major Reasons Why the Megabus is Not For Me

As a girl in a long distance relationship I take frequent trips to see my Romeo. Recently, a girlfriend mentioned that I try a new service. I typically drive the 4 hours in my 2006 Mazda3 which has over 145,000 miles on it. As a well-made foreign car, I expect it to last for at […]

travel hacking

Travel Hacking the New Delta SkyMiles Program

Earlier this week I received an email about changes to the Delta SkyMiles® program. As a Georgian – albeit by way of Brooklyn – I am very loyal to Delta. I enjoy the service that the airline provides and the smooth landings. When you can sleep through the landing and only awake upon hearing fellow […]

valentines day

3 Ways that Valentines Day Can Break Your Budget

I watched this TED talk recently about Millennials: Who They Are & Why We Hate Them. It was an extemely insightful discussion about the difference between millennials and the Gen X population. Who Are Millennials? Millennials are defined as those born from 1980 to 2000. We are more likely to have a profile on a […]