What is Renter’s Insurance? Do I Need It?

do i need renters insurance

If you are renting a housing unit, like an apartment for instance, you may think that the insurance policy of the owner will cover the possible personal property loss in case a break-in, a flood or a fire were to happen. In fact, as a renter, you are not protected by this at all. The



4 Things You Should Save Up For Before Moving Out

4 Things To Save For Before Moving Out | Young Finances

You got your first taste of freedom when you went away to college, and you got to live either in the dorms or off campus apartments. After graduation, the thought of moving back in with your parents was probably cringe worthy. But moving out on your own shouldn’t be a decision you jump into quickly.



VIDEO: Common Financial Mistakes Millennials Make and How to Avoid Them

Common Financial Mistakes Millennials Make | Young Finances Are you making these common financial mistakes? As a young person, it’s easy to avoid the topic of money. Ignorance is no excuse. Take a good look in the mirror to determine if you have made these or are currently making these financial faux pas. Ready to get on the right track? Start here:


Real Estate

How To Qualify for a Mortgage as a Young Adult

beautiful home in the mountains

Moving out on your own is a big deal, especially if you are purchasing your first home right out of living with your parents. Many young adults assume that you need to wait until you are in a certain age bracket in order to purchase a home, but nothing could be further from the truth.


Credit Cards

Best Credit Card for Young Adults

best credit card young adult

As a young adult it is important for you to establish a credit history. More than that, it is important for you to establish a good credit history. Oil tycoon and billionaire J. Paul Getty says, “..borrowed money must always be promptly repaid. Nothing will write finis to a career faster than a bad credit