Don’t Like to Budget? Stop Doing These 10 Things Instead

Don't Like to Budget? Stop Doing These 10 Things Instead | Young Finances

Saving money is always important, but making a budget is hardly on anyone’s to-do list. Luckily, there are simple ways to tweak your lifestyle to avoid spending money where it just doesn’t pay off. To save money without making a budget, here are 10 things to stop doing, and paying for, now. 1) Stop Spending


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VIDEO: How to Budget for an Apartment

VIDEO: How to Budget for an Apartment | Young Finances

Looking to grab your own apartment? Here’s how to budget for your own place. Tips include saving for furniture, moving expenses, and how to determine exactly how much rent you can afford. My moving expenses: http://youngfinances.com/blog/controlling-expenses-when-moving-out/ The Red House Commercial courtesy of Rhett and Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnOyMSEWNTs If you liked this video please be sure to



Plan Ahead Before Renting Your Own Place

Plan Ahead Before Renting Your Own Place | Young Finances

Having a steady and decent paying job has it’s perks.  Thanks to your paycheck, you can likely afford to skip ramen noodles for supper every night and attend social events that won’t break the bank.  You’re also thinking that it may be time for you to rent your own place or at least a shoe-box of


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How to Use Travel Rewards Credit Cards to Travel for Free

travel rewards credit card

There are plenty of people these days that talk about getting free flights using travel rewards credit cards. Apparently it’s not as hard as you and I might think it is. It involves 3 simple steps; have excellent credit, use the card, and find the best travel reward offers. 1) Have excellent (above average) credit



Ultimate CASH #Giveaway $1,000 Paypal

Ultimate CASH #Giveaway $1,000 Paypal | Young Finances

My blogger friends and I have teamed up to bring you one of our biggest giveaways ever! One lucky winner will win a $1000 cash prize (via Paypal) and it just might be you! If you want a chance to be the lucky winner, here’s what you need to do – bookmark this page and